San Diego Solar: The Dangers of Ignoring Your Roof When Going Solar »

<<< SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> In this Renovate America Spotlight, Semper Solaris warns of the dangers of ignoring your roof when going solar, including a lot of unforeseen costs.

Approved Home Pro Show: Mauzy, Best Rate Repair, Samsung & Expressions Home Gallery »

<<< SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 2017 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Learn how to identify areas of your home where you can save money and increase your home’s value in a Renovate America spotlight with Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar. Discover the impressive technology and convenience of the Samsung Family Hub with Expressions Home Gallery. Spot the warning signs of wood damage at home with help from Best Rate Repair.

San Diego Energy Savings: Eliminate Common Energy Wasters »

<<< SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> In this Renovate America spotlight, ELOR Energy explains common energy wasters in the home, and how an easy upgrade to new windows can radically reduce energy loss, among other benefits.

Approved Home Pro Show: Perkins, Point Loma Electric & ELOR Energy

Approved Home Pro Show: Perkins, Point Loma Electric & ELOR Energy »

<<< SATURDAY, JULY 22, 2017 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Learn about electrical wiring in older homes and what you should be careful of with Point Loma Electric. Perkins Custom Coatings explains when moisture in concrete is too much moisture. And save on energy costs with insulation in a Renovate America Spotlight Segment with ELOR Energy.

Approved Home Pro Show: SYNLawn, Semper Solaris & American Vision Windows »

<<< SATURDAY, JULY 15, 2017 on KOGO AM 600 >>> You don’t have to have a huge mansion or sprawling lawn to have a putting green at home. SYNLawn makes its easy and affordable to add to almost any space.

San Diego Windows: Windows to Reduce Noise »

<<< SUNDAY, JULY 9, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> Not only do new windows save energy, they can help reduce noise transfer in your home as well. American Vision Windows explains the technology and how it works.

San Diego Energy Efficiency: Don’t Let Your Home Leak Energy »

<<< SATURDAY, JULY 8, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> Wasting energy at home is the same as wasting money! Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar explains where your home is at risk of losing energy.

San Diego Synthetic Turf: EasyTurf Compares Turf Drainage Options »

<<< SATURDAY, JUNE 24, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> When adding synthetic turf to your yard, it's important that water and pet waste have a path to drain. In this HERO Highlight, EasyTurf compares turf drainage options from felt to hole-punch to Max Flow.

Approved Home Pro Show: SunPower By Milholland, System Pavers, American Vision Windows

Approved Home Pro Show: SunPower By Milholland, System Pavers, American Vision Windows »

<<< SATURDAY, JUNE 10, 2017 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Before you add solar, you need to take a look at your roof. Milholland Roofing explains everything you need to know. Then, learn how System Pavers is transforming the outdoor living industry with dedication to customer satisfaction. And understand how to sort through the many energy-saving window options available in a HERO Highlight with American Vision Windows.

HERO Highlight: Top Reasons To Add Artificial Turf »

<<< SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> In this HERO Highlight, Tough Turtle Turf explains the top reasons to add artificial turf to your landscaping, including water savings, year-round beauty and no maintenance.

HERO Highlight: How To Maximize Your Savings With Solar »

<<< SAUTRDAY, JUNE 10, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> Semper Solaris explains how to maximize your savings with solar by getting the right size system for your home and lifestyle. Two houses may be the same size in square feet, but the energy usage makes all the difference.