San Diego Plumbing: Tank Vs. Tankless Water Heaters »

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2017 ON ABC 10 When it comes to hot water access in your home you have two options, tank and tankless. Emory Plumbing compares tank vs. tankless water heaters to help you make the best choice for your home.

San Diego Plumbing: How To Keep Your Tankless Water Heater Running »

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8, 2017 ON ABC 10 Tankless water heaters are useful because they can provide an endless supply of hot water, but they do need to be serviced regularly in order to continue to run efficiently. Emory Plumbing shares how regular maintenance can prolong the life of your tankless water heater.

San Diego Plumbing: Avoid Plumbing Scams »

<<< SUNDAY, JUNE 25, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> We hear horror stories of homeowners being taken advantage of all the time. Black Mountain Plumbing helps us avoid plumbing scams with tips on what to look for and when to get a second opinion.

San Diego Plumbing: Summer Plumbing Tips from We Care »

<<< SUNDAY, JUNE 11, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> With summer entertaining, your plumbing may be working over time. We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air offers summer plumbing tips for your water heater, garbage disposal and home automation to help you avoid a plumbing disaster this summer.

San Diego Plumbing: What Happens in Winter? »

<<< FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 2017 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> San Diego Plumbing: What Happens in Winter? Black Mountain Plumbing explains why winter temperatures can be dangerous for your plumbing, and what you can do about it.

Kitchen Plumbing Tips from Emory Plumbing »

<<< FRIDAY, OCT. 14, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> The last thing your want this holiday season is a plumbing disaster. Emory Plumbing offers kitchen plumbing tips, including what to avoid putting in the disposal and how to unclog it if it gets backed up.

When To Replace Your Water Heater – Black Mountain Plumbing »

<<< FRIDAY, JULY 15, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Water heaters have build in obsolescence, which means at some point, you will need to replace it. Black Mountain Plumbing explains when to replace your water heater with this real-life example at a North County home.

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<<< FRIDAY, MAR. 18, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Black Mountain Plumbing explains the common causes of drain clogs to help you avoid plumbing problems at home.

Common Water Wasters with Black Mountain Plumbing »

<<< FRIDAY, Oct. 16, 2015 on SAN DIEGO 6 TV >>> Many homes have silent water wasters. Our friend Scott from Black Mountain Plumbing helps us spot common water wasters.

Energy and Water Saving Tips – A HERO Highlight »

<<< FRIDAY, AUGUST 28, 2015 on SAN DIEGO 6 TV >>> Brought to you by the HERO Program, we're joined by We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air, who shares expert tips for saving water and energy at home. HERO can help you finance these upgrades.

How to Check a Toilet for Leaks – Black Mountain Plumbing on The Approved Home Pro Show »

<<< SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 2015 on KOGO AM 60 >>> Scott Ferrell from Black Mountain Plumbing explains how to check a toilet for leaks. It's easy to do and can help diagnose a problem before it gets out of control.