San Diego Connect: Milholland Becomes a SunPower Master Dealer »

<<< SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2017 on ABC10 >>> Long-time Approved Home Pro Milholland Solar, Electric & Roofing can now go by another name: SunPower By Milholland Electric. Milholland was recently awarded the status of a Master Dealer with SunPower. Bill Griffith interviews owner Brian Milholland to learn what that means for homeowners.

San Diego Solar: Introducing SunPower by Milholland Electric »

<<< FRIDAY< FEBRUARY 3, 2017 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> We've come to know him as the solar expert from Milholland Solar, Electric and Roofing, but in this appearance Brian Milholland introduces a new name for the company, SunPower by Milholland Electric.

Solar for Any Size Home »

<<< FRIDAY, JANUARY 27, 2017 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Bust the myth that solar is only a smart choice for large homes as Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar shows us how a solar system can be designed to wipe our your electric bill no matter the size of your home.

San Diego Solar: Virtual Consultation »

<<< FRIDAY, JANUARY 20, 2017 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Jamar Power Systems introduces virtual consultations for solar to help accommodate your busy schedule. Check out Siti Spa co-owner Antonio Santiago's experience .

San Diego Solar Energy Storage Solutions »

<<< FRIDAY, JANUARY 6, 2017 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> San Diego solar energy storage solutions used to be a hypothetical wish for the future. Now, solar energy storage systems are available, to help you gain electrical independence.

Why Milholland Solar Chooses SunPower Panels »

<<< FRIDAY, NOV. 18, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Not all solar panels are created equal, and with so many products on the market, how do you know which is the best? Milholland Solar chooses SunPower panels for their innovation, quality, performance and warranty.

Trust, Confidence & Freedom with Solar »

<<< FRIDAY, OCT. 28, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Milholland Solar, Electric & Roofing explains why you need to have trust and confidence in both the process of going solar and the company you hire to help you get freedom from the power company.

HERO Highlight: Go Solar Now To Reap The Biggest Financial Benefits »

With energy rates continuing to rise and the accessibility of solar being greater than ever, now is the time to become your own power source. In this Highlight, Mauzy Heating, Air and Solar explains the common hesitations homeowners feel, and how much that could be costing them in the long run.

Why Wait For Solar? Don’t! »

<<< FRIDAY, AUG. 26, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Milholland Solar Electric & Roofing explains how easy it is to get started with the solar process.

Utility Rate Changes Make Solar Smart for San Diego »

<<< FRIDAY, JUNE 24, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Solar expert Brian Milholland from Milholland Solar, Electric & Roofing explains the different tiers of utility rates, and how utility rate changes over the years have made solar energy the smart financial choice.

Comparing Solar Panels with Jamar Power Systems »

<<< FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 2016 >>> We all know solar is a good idea, but how do you choose what panels are right for your house? Comparing solar panels is easy thanks to Jamar Power Systems, who breaks down the basics for us.