Save Money with Milholland Solar & Electric’s Home Energy Audit »

<<< SATURDAY, SEPT. 13, 2014 on KOGO AM 600 >>> The time to go solar is now. Energy costs are rising, and existing incentives may not be around forever. Take advantage of Milholland Solar & Electric's home energy audit to see how your energy usage breaks down and maximize the effect of solar power on your home.

Learn How Much Going Solar Could Save You with Milholland Solar & Electric on The Home Pro Show »

<<< MONDAY, AUG. 18, 2014 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Making your own energy is great for the environment, but it also could save you more than $100,000. Milholland Solar & Electric joined The Home Pro Show to talk about why you should take advantage of tax credits, Net Energy Metering and Energy Upgrade California now - before they aren't offered any more.

Combat the Rising Cost of Energy with Milholland Solar & Electric on The Home Pro Show »

<< MONDAY, JULY 28, 2014 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >> Energy costs have gone up 15% recently. Learn about San Diego's rising energy costs and how the new LG small solar panels can help even low-tier energy users from Milholland Solar & Electric on The Home Pro Show.

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<< MONDAY, JULY 15, 2014 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >> Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar dropped by The Home Pro Show with a special guest from the HERO energy efficiency financing program.

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Brian Milholland from Milholland Electric joined Clint August and Gregg Cantor on The Home Pro Show's San Diego Living feature on TV 6...

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The Home Pro Show visited former Major League Baseball All-Star Mike Sweeney at his San Diego area home to discuss his solar conversion with Milholland Electric and Solar...

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