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Friday, February 21, 2017
Ecola Termite & Pest
Thompson Building Materials
Kris Nielsen Painting
Knight Security
HERO Highlight: Semper Solaris

Learn the options you have with Ecola when it comes to fighting pests and termites. Get an inside look at selecting materials with Thompson’s design expert. Customize your home security with Knight Security. Create a custom interior look with Kris Nielsen Painting. And save money and energy with our HERO Highlight.

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Saturday, February 25, 2017
Ecola Termite & Pest
Perkins Custom Coatings

Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar

Dig deeper into termite treatment options with Ecola to understand that fighting pests requires a personalized solution. Learn how bundling upgrades together can lead to big savings with Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar. Learn how moisture can affect your floors with Perkins Custom Coatings.

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