HERO Program

Your energy efficient future, today.
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What is HERO?

The HERO Program partners with local governments to offer PACE (Property Assessed Clean Energy), which enables the financing of energy-efficient and water-saving home upgrades as an assessment on the property, with repayments made through your property tax bill.

What can I use it for?

Financing is available for a wide array of energy-efficient and water-saving home products, including more than 50 product categories and one million individual products. From solar systems to HVAC to drought tolerant landscaping, new products are being added every day.

HERO product categories

How does it work?

Start your energy-efficient or water-saving home project with no money down. HERO finances 100% of the project cost, with low, fixed interest rates and flexible payment terms from 5-20 years. HERO payments are made through your property taxes, and will appear as a line item on your property tax bill.

HERO offers consumer protection policies that go above and beyond other financing options, including market value pricing, product verification, and more. Additionally, if the property is sold before the HERO assessment is paid in full, the remaining payments can be legally passed on to the new homeowner.

The HERO Hour & HERO Highlights

The Approved Home Pro Show dives deep into the world of energy and water efficiency. HERO is changing the way people upgrade their home’s efficiency, and this show will help explain how this unique financing program has made these upgrades more affordable for homeowners like you.