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Having a green home not only saves your money, it helps save the environment! Zero Energy is committed to reducing energy output, eliminating waste, and helping you save money. The first step in turning your home into an energy-efficient machine is to schedule a complimentary home energy assessment. Zero Energy offers a free 250-point inspection to cover every aspect of your home, including energy waste and safety components. Afterward, Zero Energy will come out to your home with a customized report on how your home consumes energy. This report will have a list of recommendations, rebates available in your area and calculate your potential energy savings. Call 619-489-7273 today to schedule your no-cost 250-point inspection!

Why Choose Zero?zero energy money

Your money can better be spent on your family’s needs or investing in your future than on high utility bills. Zero Energy aims to improve San Diego’s energy situation one home at a time by recommending updates and upgrades to your specific home. The goal is to help make your home a Zero Home, which means zero energy inefficiencies. They are not trying to replace consumption with more efficient consumption, they’re trying to reduce consumption all together.

Zero Energy Expertisezero energy family

With over 50,000 home energy audits and more than 5000 upgrades completed, Zero Energy has rightfully earned a reputation as San Diego’s most trusted advisor for home energy advancements. They have also been the top performer of the year for “Energy Upgrade California” every year since 2011.

Operation Zerozero energy wind

Zero Energy proudly supports UN initiative #7 Renewable Energy to create a world without waste, where the goal is to bring clean renewable energy to everyone. Having a green home not only saves your money, it helps save the environment.