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11 Floor Care Tips For All Floor Types

Want to learn how to make your floor last longer and look it’s best? Superior Floor & Cabinet Designs shares some tips that you need to know to keep your floor in pristine condition. 

1. Less and More 

Use fewer cleaning products and clean more frequently. Using less cleaning products on your floors helps to extend their lifespan and is healthier for you and your family. 

2. Basic Floor Care Kit

Purchase a basic floor care kit in order to keep your floors clean. These basic items are the best way to maintain your floors without using harsh chemicals.

  • White terry cloth towels
  • Clean bucket
  • Clean mop that can be wrung almost dry
  • Warm water
  • Good quality vacuum with adjustable beater bar or no beater bar
  • Broom with soft tips
  • Dust pan
  • Dust mop or “Swiffer”

3. Vacuum Carpet Once A Week

Vacuum carpet at least once per week and high traffic areas twice per week. Frequently cleaning your carpet keeps it looking fresh.

4. Adjust The Beater Bar

Adjust the beater bar on your vacuum so that it is just brushing the surface of the carpet or turn it off. You do not want the bristles to tear up the carpet fibers.

5. Blot Stains With A White Terry Cloth Towel

If it gets saturated start again with a fresh towel. Use a fresh white terry cloth towel dampened with warm water to blot the stain but do not saturate with water. Continue to blot with fresh clean towels until the stain is out. Cover the damp spot with a fresh dry white terry cloth towel until the carpet is dry. Uncovered damp carpet will attract dust from the air and create a new spot. If you cannot get the stain (or odor from a pet stain) hire a good carpet cleaning company that uses enzymes to clean the stain.

6. Tips For Removing Difficult Stains Are Available on Stainmaster’s Website

7. Have Your Carpet Professionally Cleaned Every 18 Months 

Have your carpet professionally cleaned by hot water extraction method every 18 months to keep warranties in effect. Make sure to keep the dated receipts.

8. Cleaning Hard Surface Floors

When cleaning laminate, luxury vinyl and sheet vinyl: sweep or dust mop frequently. Mop with warm water and a clean damp mop. Do not over wet the floors. Beware of generic cleaners from the grocery store. They can etch the finish.

9. Cleaning Wood Floors – Urethane Finish

Sweep or dust mop frequently. When you need to damp mop, use very little water. Take a clean mop and bucket and use the product recommended by the floor manufacturer. If you have a cloudy build up, you can mop with vinegar and water, again not saturating the floor, but it must be rinsed with clean water to remove the sugary residue from the vinegar. This residue can be tracked onto other surfaces and will attract dirt and cause stains, especially on carpet.

10. Cleaning Wood Floors – Oil Finish

Sweep or dust mop frequently. Keep a spray bottle under the sink with a solution of soap concentrate (such as WOCA) and water. Wipe up spills quickly and spray area with oil soap cleaner. Let sit for a few minutes and wipe up before it dries. Do the same with minor scratches. This will condition the wood. Mop the floor with oil soap every one or two months using an almost-dry, clean mop to condition the wood.

11. Regular Maintenance For Wood Floors

  • Urethane floors: Professional screen and recoat when you start to see wear in the finish, before it gets into the wear layer, every 5-8 years. The floors are buffed with a nylon pad and another coat of finish is applied. If the wear or scratches are deep, it is time for a full sand and refinish.
  • Oiled floors: Have the floors professionally re-oiled every two or three years or when they begin to look dry.