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15 Ways You Can Go Green – Part 2

15 Ways You Can Go Green – Part 2


Last week, we covered Green Tips one through six.  Today, we cover the final 9.


7. Get a “Green” mower: If you have a smaller space, an electric mower can do the job with less cost to you and to the environment.

8. Composting: Composting is an excellent way to lower waste and lessen the impact on our landfills here in San Diego County.

9. Natural Cleaning Products:  Natural cleaning products, once thought less effective, have come a long way. There are now many products that work well and have far less impact on the environment.

10. Tank-less Water Heaters:   Standby energy use is eliminated.  Plus, you will never run out of hot water if you get a unit the right size for your home.  Today’s regular tank systems have also come a long way in maintaining heat and avoiding loss of energy, but the tankless units do have some key advantages.

11. Turn Off, Turn Down, Use Less:  Sounds simple, but simply turning off unused lights, turning down adjustable lights, boiling just the amount of water you need for that tea will all do their part.

12. Go Low Flow:  Installing a low flow shower head can reduce water use by nearly half, plus it is now the law here in California.

13. Calk and Strip:  Caulk or seal air leaks with weather-stripping.  That one step will reduce your energy use in your home and can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your home by 1,000 pounds each year.

14.  Invite in the Sun:  In the chillier months, the sun can help heat your home.  Sounds simple, but letting in a little sun is a free way to heat your home.  Not to mention the benefits of truly going solar with a solar panel system.

15. Paint Wisely:  Painting your home creates a natural barrier to keep out damaging water and keep in the heat and cool you want.  Plus, it makes a home look and feel better.  But, make sure you are buying the right amount of paint and dispose of unused paint properly in an identified collection facility.  Of course, your local Ace Hardware will help guide you in buying the right amount of paint to do the job.

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