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The 4 P’s of Painting

The easiest way to freshen up – or completely transform any space in your home – is a new coat of paint.  And the quickest way to do it, is to do it right the first time. A sloppy paint job stands out, and not in a good way! 

Follow Ace Hardware’s four P’s of painting a room –Prep, Patch, Prime, and Paint


Good prep saves a lot of time.  Clear the walls and push furniture to the middle of the room so you can cover it in one or two bundles and move around easily while you paint. Remove small nails, switch plates and outlet covers and store safely.

Use a good quality painter’s tape to mask off permanent fixtures like curtain rods, trim, fireplaces, the ceiling and adjoining walls. Be sure to run your finger or a putty knife over the tape to seal the edge and prevent paint bleed thru.


Next patch or fill in dents, chips and fine cracks using a putty knife and spackle.  If there are bumps, unsanded patches, old drips or excess spackle, lightly smooth them out with fine grit sanding sponge.

Prime & Paint

Before you prime and paint you need to wash the surface to remove dust, grease, and soot that can ruin your new paint finish.  Ace Hardware’s “No Rinse TSP” is a great product for this cleaning step.

If you’re using Valspar or Clark+Kensington paint and primer in one, you can usually skip the prime step; however, if you have made repairs you will want to spot prime at least.

Now you’re ready to Paint. Using a roller or brush, apply paint evenly to the desired area.


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