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5 Ps of Painting a Room: Part One

5 Ps of Painting a Room: Part One

The 5 Ps of painting a room

Prep, patch, prime, paint, and paint a second coat. Today, we cover prep and patch, listen next week for the remaining steps.

First is “Prep”

Good prep saves a lot of time because you’ll have fewer drips, spatters and mistakes to clean up. So, remember drape it and tape it before painting a room.

Clear the walls and push the furniture into the middle of the room so that you can cover everything with drop clothes. Remove small nails, switch plates and outlet covers. Tape the screws to the back of their related piece so they won’t get lost. Use painters tape to mask-off permanent fixtures and semi-permanent items like curtain rods and other items that are easier to paint around than to rehang.

Use tape to mask off the ceiling trim, fireplaces and adjoining areas. Run your finger or putty knife over the tape to seal the edge to prevent leaks.

Next we “Patch”

You always want to paint on a smooth surface. Fill in dents, chips and fine cracks using a putty knife and spackle. Gently scrape away the excess and allow the spackle to dry. Run your hand over the wall and if you feel bumps from un-sanded patches, old drips or excess spackle, lightly smooth them out with a sanding sponge or fine grit sand paper.

Quick-dry spackle or the kind that changes color as it dries will help you save some time and guess work.

Now, wash and rinse. Washing removes dust, grease and soot that can ruin your new paint finish. Wash from top down, rinse from bottom up. A product called TSP, available at Ace Hardware, gets the best results. Otherwise use water and ammonia or detergent like Mr. Clean. Rinse with plain water to remove residue from the cleaner.

Tune in next week for part two!

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