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Ask An Expert: The Dangers Of Using Unlicensed Contractors

There has been a lot of information on the news and the Contractors State License Board website about sting operations that have been conducted to stop unlicensed contractors. We asked the industry’s top experts Brian Milholland, president of SunPower by Milholland and Gregg Cantor, president of Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel about unlicensed contractors and how you put yourself at risk when you hire them. If you have a question for our experts, ask it here!

Details About “The Dangers Of Using Unlicensed Contractors”

Sean: One of Approved Home Pros’ core missions is help educate home owners about various aspects of home improvement. That’s why Ask an Expert is here to get the inside scoop on topics you need to know about from our industry experts. Today, Gregg Cantor, Resident Expert and president of Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel and Brian Milholland from SunPower by Milholland. Guys, there’s been a lot on the California state license board website and the news about sting operations they’ve done to get unlicensed contractors. Is there a lot of problems in California with unlicensed contractors, Gregg?

Gregg: There sure is. And I think it’s great that the Contractor State License Board is doing these sting operations because the pros in our network you can trust, but there’s a lot of trades out there that are not trustworthy and they’re stinging those guys.

Sean: Yeah, Brian, what are some of the dangers of going with somebody that’s an unlicensed contractor?

Brian: Well, if you use an unlicensed contractor all the liability on the work that’s being done is transferred to the homeowner. So there’s no insurance, even the long term affects, all of that liability transfers to the homeowner.

Sean: And often times they get people with these… people who end up with the unlicensed contractors, they’re looking for a cheap deal.

Brian: Right, and cheap is usually what they get. It’s not gonna last, it’s gonna be terrible workmanship, and you think of your home value over time if you use a contractor like that it’s gonna show. And it’s gonna actually depreciate the value of your house.

Sean: Great point. Gregg, we do all the screening and vetting of our pros in our network, but if somebody doesn’t go with one of our pros they can go on the state license board and find out if somebody is licensed?

Gregg: They sure can. And it’s a great resource for homeowners who are gonna do any kind of home improvement. And it tells you everything except one thing, and that’s liability insurance. The license board shows you worker’s comp, bonding, licensing, and all that, but you need to ask the pro to send you liability insurance.

Sean: Yeah, that you need to have that liability insurance because if not you can be on the hook for that. Thank you guys. All the experts at approvedhomepros.com have been thoroughly screened and vetted. So if you have a question for our experts, email [email protected]