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Basic Tools Every Household Needs

Basic Tools Every Household Needs

There are some basic tools that everyone should have. In order to perform small household projects and repairs, these are the basic tools every household needs.

Screwdriver Kit

A basic tool box needs both Phillips and Flat heads in various sizes.


A set of open-end wrenches is a must. And in today’s world of IKEA furniture and many products being made in Europe and Asia, you need both Metric and Imperial sets.

Mini Pliers Set

Pliers can be very versatile, especially the mini sizes.  Ace Hardware offers a Craftsman set that includes needle nose, diagonal cut and box joint pliers.

Socket Set

Once again, it’s a necessity to have both Metric and Imperial sizes.

Hex Key Set

Many bolts and machine screws today have hex heads which require a hex key to remove.

With these five basic tools sets plus a hammer, you’ll be ready to take on most household maintenance projects. Head to your local Ace Hardware, or shop on sdacehardware.com.

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