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Cantor’s Corner: A Steam Shower at Home

Cantor’s Corner: A Steam Shower at Home

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For custom bath or whole home remodeling, you might want to consider adding steam to your stall shower. Steam is good for body and mind.  Implementing a steam shower system into your custom home or remodel, is easy and affordable.

Upgrading to Steam

First, you need to choose a reliable system.  There a few different steam units to choose from.  I recommend Thermasol for quality and performance.

Besides purchasing the steam unit and the control panel, there are only two other upgrades needed to have this great feature added to your new bathroom.

1.  Shower doors and enclosures must be full height all the way to the ceiling. This keeps the steam in one place, which is the goal of a steam shower.

2.  Ceilings need to be tiled on a slope, so the condensation runs off to the side, and doesn’t fall right on your head.

Additional Features

Other features that are available with home steam shower systems are aroma therapy and automation that works with your iPhone or Android device.

To find out more, consult a design–build home improvement contractor or go to your local bath and plumbing showroom.

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