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Cantor’s Corner: Home Security Systems

Cantor’s Corner: Home Security Systems

For home security systems, there are many options. You may be tempted to purchase wireless web cameras available online or security system packages with DVRs from the big box stores.  The fact is, video footage of a thief steeling electronics, jewelry or other valuables is of no help in most cases. Most burglars are opportunists looking for a quick and low-risk hit. The last thing a robber wants is to be cornered. 

What is the most important way to protect your home, family and valuables? Making your house an unattractive, difficult target. Your home security system should deter criminals from attacking your home, not just capture them in action. It is hard to beat a professionally installed home security system because of two simple features that outweigh technology: a loud siren and monitoring at a central station that dispatches the police. These deterrents protect your home because time is not on the side of the invader. 

There are proven statics to support that homes with professionally installed security systems are seldom targeted. To protect your family and valuables, I recommend having a conventional security system professionally installed by a local company.  Even a simple alarm system with a motion sensor, loud alarm and monitoring beats cameras every time.

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