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Cantor’s Corner: How To Avoid Flooding & Water Damage

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Gregg Cantor
by Gregg Cantor

Resident Pro, The Approved Home Pro Show
President, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

How to prevet flooding

image courtesy ABC 10

Many parts of San Diego are in a flood plain. Our streets and infrastructure are not designed to handle the amount of rain El Nino brings. This also is true for many homes in San Diego County. Roof systems and area drainage is typically not designed for the volume of water from heavy rain and wind. This El Nino season, learn how to avoid flooding and water damage.

To avoid flooding, water damage or the destruction of your home and personal belongings, these proactive steps should be taken:

Clean out rain gutters

1.     Rain gutters can fill with leaves, branches and roof gravel which causes water to backup into your home or pond. Get a safety ladder, remove larger debris by hand then use garden hose with sprayer to flush out gutters until they flow freely.

Keep area drains clear

2.     Area drains can become clogged or blocked with debris like silt and dirt and backup or flood underneath your home. Remove drain covers, feed your garden house into the pipe and flush the system until in runs freely.

Check under your house

3.     If you have a sub-floor home (that’s where there are floor joists above the ground) I recommend checking under your house regularly during the rainy season. When standing water collects under your home it can cause structural damage, mold and breed insects that bring disease. Use a submersible pump to get the water out. It’s a great tool to have on hand, and you can pick one up at your local Ace Hardware.

Remember, drainage away from buildings towards city gutters and storm drains is very important. If you are not comfortable or able to get on a ladder or crawl under your home, I recommend hiring a professional. Your gardener, landscaper or handyman can easily handle this simple home maintenance.

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