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Cantor’s Corner: Lead Safety Information

Gregg CantorPresented by Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

by Gregg Cantor Resident Pro, The Approved Home Pro Show 

President, Murray Lampert Design, Build, Remodel

Today, I would like to provide some valuable lead safety information as it pertains to your home. When you’re remodeling or completing home maintenance projects, California law requires lead safe practices on any structure built prior to January first 1978.

Home improvement professionals are required to arrange testing of any areas that will be disturbed by an independently licensed hygienist.  If the results prove that lead exists in your home, removal must be handled by a qualified remediation contractor and properly disposed off before any home improvements start.

Written proof of air clearance is also required before you re-enter your home. For your protection, licensed home professionals must start by providing you with the lead safe pamphlet at contract signing.  If they don’t, the contractor most likely will not being following federal law.  By not adhering to lead safe practices, you and your family’s health may be at risk.