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Cantor’s Corner: Recommended DIY Projects

As a homeowner you need to know your limitations when it comes to do it yourself projects.  Here are some easy, recommended DIY projects you can safely tackle.

DIY project number one: replace incandescent lights with LED. You can purchase easy to install retrofit kits and save substantially on your energy costs and the LED light quality is far superior than fluorescent.

DIY project number 2: replace old light switches and receptacles with Decora style. You may also want to install new dimmers and fan controls as well as adding arch fault protectors in bedrooms. Another convenient addition is outlets with universal USB chargers. Always make sure to turn off the circuit break first and check outlets with a plug in tester.

DIY project number 3: install smoke alarms and CO2 detectors Install smoke detectors in bedrooms and CO2 alarms in hallways with 10 year batteries as required by code.