Bathroom Remodel

Free Remodeling Seminar Oct. 20 »

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 13, 2018 ON ABC 10NEWS Join Reborn Cabinets at their San Diego Showroom Saturday, Oct. 20! Get insights on new trends in kitchen and bath remodeling. You’ll also get information on how to identify a reliable contractor. This event will also showcase live cooking tips using convection ovens. RSVP here!

How To Make Your Bathroom Easy-To-Clean »

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2018 ON ABC 10 Many people with a tile design in their bathroom are used to putting a lot of cleaning time into their shower. Mold tends to get started in the grout, between the tiles in your bathroom. Reborn Cabinets shares how you can remodel your bathroom with easy-to-clean materials that look great in your home. 

How Reborn Cabinets Built A Successful Family Business »

SUNDAY, AUGUST 26, 2018 ON ABC 10 Learn the history of how the Nardo family founded Reborn Cabinets and why they’ve been so successful for more than 35 years. They share their family's journey and how it led to the creation of Reborn Cabinets. 

Why Reborn Cabinets Stands By Their Principles »

SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2018 ON ABC 10 If a company has been around for 35 years, you know they're doing something right. Reborn Cabinets shares how their founder's principles have shaped the company and why they take pride in them. 

Thinking Of Remodeling? Free Seminar Today! »

Don't miss out on Reborn Cabinet's free Learn From The Pros Seminar! Come with every single kitchen and bath remodeling question you have, because they are READY to answer them! Stop by from 9:30 AM - 2:00 PM!

San Diego Bathrooms: Quick Bathroom Transformation »

In just two days, Bath Planet can transform your bathroom into what you’ve always dreamed of. It’s the things that you don’t see that set Bath Planet apart from other companies, because their attention to detail ensures that you will be thrilled with the end result.

San Diego Bathrooms: Transform Your Bathroom in 2 Days »

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2017 on ABC 10 Bath Planet offers beautiful and affordable transformations in as little as 2 days. Your new bathroom will be stylish, easy to clean and extremely durable.

Custom Glass Options »

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 23, 2017 ON ABC 10 San Diego Glass: Best Value Glass explains the wide variety of custom glass options available. Create an impact in your home with anything from a shower door to a custom divider.

Cantor’s Corner: Tile Installation Techniques »

Today I want to educate you on quality tile installation. There are several different ways to set tile. I want you to know what is the right application, so you get the best value and many years of enjoyment out of your investment.

San Diego Bath Remodel: Accessible Bath Upgrades »

<<< SUNDAY, AUGUST 13, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> Bath Planet San Diego shares some accessible bath upgrades that can make your bathroom safer. As the most dangerous room in the house,  these stylish safety upgrades can help your home better suit you and your loved ones through all of life's stages.

The Right Way To Do A Quick Bathroom Makeover »

<<< SUNDAY, JULY 9, 2017 on ABC 10 >>> The quick bathroom makeover trend is very popular right now. But is it possible to get a quality remodel in such a short time? Jamie Dent from Bath Planet San Diego explains the right way to do a quick bathroom makeover.