The Perfect Wood Floor Installation with Contract Carpet »

<<< FRIDAY, JANUARY 29, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Contract Carpet does more than just carpets. We tagged along on a wood floor installation in Cardiff to learn the right steps for a perfect installation.

Choosing Flooring for Your Lifestyle with Contract Carpet »

<<< FRIDAY, JULY 10, 2015 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Choosing flooring can be a challenge. It's such a large part of your home décor, how do you know what type of flooring to choose, let alone what aesthetic. Contract Carpet walks us through the factors to consider when choosing flooring.

Cantor’s Corner: How to Choose the Right Flooring

Cantor’s Corner: How to Choose the Right Flooring »

As a general contractor, I see a lot of flooring. The most popular flooring trends lately are porcelain tile, engineered wood and, of course, carpet. But just because it's trendy doesn't mean it's right for your home. There are many things you should consider when choosing flooring:

Deck and Balcony Waterproofing: Is it Worth it?

Deck and Balcony Waterproofing: Is it Worth it? »

When it comes to decks and balconies, many homeowners skip waterproofing. But is this a good idea? Waterproofing helps to keep moisture away from your home's exterior and offers protection from the elements, which is why its advantages and disadvantages should be considered. Before you decide what to do, let's take a look at all the pros and cons of waterproofing.

Contract Carpet Helps Us Choose the Right Flooring »

<<< FRIDAY, MARCH 27, 2015 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> To help you choose the right flooring, expert Nick Dixon from Contract Carpet walks us through a variety of available flooring options, and what factors you should consider for choosing one.

Solutions for Cracked Concrete from Life Deck »

<<< SATURDAY, JANUARY 24, 2015 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Listen to the full show You don't have to live with cracked concrete. Life Deck Coating Installations can turn existing cracks into a beautifully patterned concrete coating, without the hassle and mess of excavating and repouring concrete.

Pool Decks by Life Deck Coating Installations »

<<< FRIDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2014 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Over the years, pool decks can become stained, cracked or damaged. Life Deck Coating Installations offers various coating options to help refinish existing concrete pool decks, saving time and money over pouring new concrete.

Backyard Transformation with Life Deck Coating Installations »

See a complete backyard transformation with just a concrete coating installation as we go on-site with Life Deck Coating Installations. From start to finish, Robert walks us through the installation process and what it means for the homeowner.

What To Do If Your Home Floods »

<<< SATURDAY, SEPT. 20, 2014 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Water can be one of the most damaging forces to a home. S&J Builders and Restoration came on The Home Pro Show to help homeowners know what to do if your home floods.

Recover From Floods with S&J Builders »

<<< FRIDAY, SEPT. 19, 2014 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Flood damage is one of the worst things that can happen to your home. In the event of a flood, would you know what to do? Sean Wilson from S&J Builders and Restoration Services came on The Home Pro Show to help homeowners be prepared in case of a flood emergency.

Life Deck Concrete Coatings on The Home Pro Show »

<<< FRIDAY, AUG. 22, 2014 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Revitalize your concrete surfaces with these coatings from Life Deck Coating Installations. The versatility of the coatings is a cost effective way to make major changes.