The 4 P’s of Painting »

The easiest way to freshen up is a new coat of paint. And the quickest way to do it, is to do it right the first time. A sloppy paint job stands out, and not in a good way! Follow Ace Hardware’s four P's of painting a room -Prep, Patch, Prime, and Paint.

Back to School Painting »

When the kids go back to school, they usually want new clothes, new notebooks and even the latest iGadget. How about giving them a new look in their bedroom? Back to school painting can be a great way to set a new tone for the year.

How To Get A Professional Looking Paint Job »

<<< FRIDAY, AUG. 12, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Painting often seems like a good do-it-yourself task, but, especially with exterior painting, there is prep and skill involved that you can really only get from a professional. Kris Nielsen Painting explains how to get a professional looking paint job.

The Importance of Quality Paint »

<<< FRIDAY, JUNE 17, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> No matter what method of application your painter chooses, the outcome will suffer if you don't choose a premium quality paint. Kris Nielsen, owner and operator of Kris Nielsen Painting explains three tips when emphasizing the importance of quality paint.

How To Apply Cool Wall

How To Apply Cool Wall »

Cool Wall can help protect your home and save on energy costs, so we consulted the experts at Cal State Construction EnergyPro Home Solutions to learn how to apply Cool Wall.

How to Paint Stucco »

<<< FRIDAY, MAY 27, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Can you paint stucco? It may be one of the most common questions a painter gets. Jordan went on-site with our Paint Like A Pro expert, John Peek from Peek Brothers Painting to get the inside scoop.

Chalk-Based Paint

Chalk-Based Paint »

Chalk-based paint is an organic paint that leaves a chalky feel like you might find on old antique furniture once it dries. Refinishing old or worn pieces of furniture is very popular as a do-it-yourself project right now, so this relatively new product came along at exactly the right time.

What Makes a Good Exterior Paint Job? Kris Nielsen Painting Explains »

<<< FRIDAY, MAY 6, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Painting is one home improvement trade that is loaded with "Chuck in a Truck" type companies. To protect homeowners, Kris Nielsen of Kris Nielsen Painting explains what makes a good exterior paint job.

When to Paint the Exterior of Your Home »

When you're talking about curb appeal, you can't help but think of a nice, clean paint job on the exterior of your home. Our Paint Like A Pro expert John Peek from Peek Brothers Painting shares his expertise on what you need to know.

Be a Better Paint Shopper with Help From Ace Hardware »

<<< FRIDAY, MAR. 11, 2016 on CW6 SAN DIEGO >>> Not all paint is created equal! Ace Hardware paint expert Mike Scruggs breaks down the basics of paint to help you get the best paint for your needs.

31 Days of Color

31 Days of Color »

Choosing the right paint can be tough, as homeowners are often overwhelmed by the color chip wrack and the number of colors available. To help, Ace Hardware introduces the 31 Days of Color to celebrate March as the start of painting season and inspire your color palette.