What You Need To Know About Water Pressure Regulators »

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS You probably don’t know what a water pressure regulator is until it fails. Black Mountain Plumbing joins us to discuss the steps to checking your pressure regular and the precautions to take to keep it from failing.

The Most Common Toilet Problems »

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Whether it's a leak or a running toilet, plumbing problems are very common for most homeowners. Mr. Handyman discusses the common toilet problems, why they happen and how to fix them. Tune in to learn more!

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters »

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 8, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Water heaters no longer have to take up a ton of space in your home. We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air discusses the benefits of tankless water heaters and how they compare to other water heaters. Discover the difference today!

Vacation Tips to Avoid a Flood in Your Home »

SUNDAY, JULY 7, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS There's nothing worse than coming home from a relaxing vacation to an in-home flood. Black Mountain Plumbing is here to help you avoid that scenario with these vacation tips. Learn simple tips that could help you avoid a stressful and expensive situation.

A Quick Tip to Maintain Your Hot Water Heater »

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Your water heater needs to be maintained because the water is so hard here i San Diego. We Care Plumbing, Heating and Air can assist by doing a professional flush to protect your water heater.

The Fix to Common Plumbing Problems »

SATURDAY, APRIL 13, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Leaky faucet? Problem with your water temperature or water pressure? You’re not alone and We Care can help! Find out why these common plumbing problems happen, what the fix is and how to prevent them from happening again.

Options For Choosing A New Water Heater »

SATURDAY, MARCH 16, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Your water heater is probably something you don't think much about until you can't get hot water. We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air guides us through water heater options and proper maintenance.

Big Picture Approach To Plumbing »

SUNDAY, MARCH 10, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS When it comes to plumbing, most of the work that is done is never seen. That doesn't mean it doesn't need to be done correctly with attention to detail. Black Mountain Plumbing shares how they take a big picture look to plumbing.

Which Water Heater Fits Your Needs? »

SUNDAY, JANUARY 20, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Have you noticed that you've run out of hot water quickly? We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air explains how tankless water heaters may be the best solution for you.

Tired Of Running Out Of Hot Water? »

SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS With all of the house guests this weekend, did you run out of hot water? We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air explains everything you need to know about water heaters.

Preventative Plumbing Maintenance Tips »

SATURDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2018 ON ABC 10NEWS Just like a car and major appliances, your plumbing needs regular maintenance to help prevent large problems in the future. Black Mountain Plumbing shares quick and simple preventative plumbing tips.