The Benefits of Metal Roofs by Howard & Sons Roofing »

SUNDAY, MARCH 31, 2019 on ABC 10NEWS We're all familiar with tile and shingle roofs, but have you ever considered a metal roof? Ignacio Cesar Peinado from Howard & Sons Roofing discusses the benefits of having a metal roof, as well as installation and which types of homes are best suited for this new kind of roofing.

What to Consider When Adding Solar To Tile Roofs »

SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2019 on ABC 10NEWS When you're adding solar, its important to have a thorough inspection of your roof to make sure it's in good shape to support the new solar system.

The Dangers of Ignoring Your Roof »

SATURDAY, JULY 27, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Out of sight, out of mind commonly applies when it comes to taking care of your roof. Howard & Sons Roofing discusses the dangers of ignoring your roof and the benefits of having inspections.

Discover How the Sun Can Damage Your Roof »

SUNDAY, JULY 21, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS We know that the sun can damage your furniture and floors, but did you know that it can also damage your roof? Top Line Roofing discusses the damage that sun exposure can have to your roof. Tune in to learn how to protect your roof today.

In House Solar and Roofing Responsibility »

SATURDAY, JULY 13. 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Problems are bound to arise when dealing with any home improvement project, and solar is no exception. Installing solar can damage your roof, but luckily Milholland Roofing has the three licences (solar, electrical, and roofing) to manage any problems during the solar installation.

What a Roof Inspection Can Provide You »

SUNDAY, JUNE 23, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Often times, homeowners don't get their roof inspected until it's too late. A roof inspection can not only provide you a peace of mind, it can also find small problems that are easy to fix before they become a big problem.

When to Repair or Reroof »

SATURDAY, MAY 11, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS To repair or to reroof, that is the question a lot of homeowner's find themselves struggling with. Top Line Roofing dives into just how long your roof can last before you need to reroof it and the most common repairs for roofs.

How to Know You’re Getting a Quality Roof Installation »

SUNDAY, MAY 5, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS It's crucial to have a quality roof but how do you trust that you're getting the best installation? Cesar from Howard & Sons Roofing discusses the importance of doing your research beforehand to build trust.

Valued in Integrity, Roofers You Can Trust »

SATURDAY, APRIL 27, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Howard & Sons is a company based on integrity, and Ignacio Cesar Peinado upholds this value to ensure you are getting the best product at the best deal. Find out how his career in the Navy led him to Howard & Sons and how integrity has shaped the way he does business.

Why You Should Install Solar Panels by 2020 »

SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS Thinking about getting solar but haven't pulled the trigger yet? Now is the time to do so! Brian from Sunpower by Milholland Electric explains that utility rates will be increasing in 2020 so installing solar panels this year would be very beneficial for the upcoming years!

Get Your Roof Inspected After Winter Rains »

SUNDAY, APRIL 21, 2019 ON ABC 10NEWS After a record winter of rain, it's time to get your roof inspected! Brian from Milholland Roofing explains the damage that large amounts of rain can do to your roof and why now is the time to get an inspection.