Protecting Your Roof From El Nino with Martin Roofing on The Home Pro Show »

<<< MONDAY, AUG. 4, 2014 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Did you know we could be in store for another El Nino season? Martin Roofing joined us on The Home Pro Show to teach us what wet weather can do to a house with a damaged roof. Save money in the long run by having your roof inspected and repaired while it's still dry.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Things Dads Shouldn’t Try to Fix

[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Things Dads Shouldn’t Try to Fix »

For many fathers, something broken around the house is an opportunity snap into action and save the day. Read our infographic for other seemingly easy tasks that fathers shouldn't do!

Roofs and Roofing Tips (VIDEO) »

Roofing tips and informational video from San Diego’s Martin Roofing. Fred Martin shares about types of tile and roofing materials that work best in San Diego.