The Approved Home Pro Radio Show: Milholland Solar, Electric & Roofing and Orchard Supply Hardware »

SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2018 ON KOGO 600 This week, Milholland Solar, Electric & Roofing is on to explain the difference in contractor’s licenses and how it relates to solar and roofing. Learn the importance of solar installers being equipped to work on your roof. Then, Orchard Supply Hardware shares how they started and why they are proud to be a part of the community. Plus, Approved Home Pros explains how we can provide such a valuable service to homeowners for free! 

Why Reborn Cabinets Stands By Their Principles »

SATURDAY, JULY 14, 2018 ON ABC 10 If a company has been around for 35 years, you know they're doing something right. Reborn Cabinets shares how their founder's principles have shaped the company and why they take pride in them. 

Easy Way To Reduce The Heat Coming Through Your Windows »

SATURDAY, JUNE 7, 2018 ON ABC 10 Upgrade the energy efficiency of your windows without replacing them. NU-VUE Window Films explains how adding a simple solar film can have a huge impact on the temperature in your home, as well as your wallet. 

The Approved Home Pro Radio Show: Reborn Cabinets, We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air and Legacy Shading »

SATURDAY, JULY 7, 2018 ON KOGO 600 This week, Approved Home Pros introduces our new Expert Advisory Panel with one of our experts, Bob Briley from We Care Plumbing, Heating & Air. Bob shares all about what our Expert Panel is and how it helps homeowners. Then, Reborn Cabinets shares the importance of quality materials and construction. They explain how they focus on providing high quality products. Plus, during these upcoming hot months, it's more important than ever to keep your home cool. Legacy Shading shares how easy it is to put automated shades on timers even when you're not home.

The Approved Home Pro Radio Show: Best Rate Repair & Termite Company and Knight Security »

SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 2018 ON KOGO 600 This week, learn what goes into a patio cover or deck inspection. Best Rate Repair & Termite Company explains why you should get a patio cover or deck inspection before your guests arrive. Plus, if you are the one leaving this holiday season, Knight Security shares tips on how to secure your home before vacation.

How To Revive Your Lawn »

SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 2018 ON ABC 10 If there was something that could keep your lawn lush and green, wouldn’t you want to know about it? Four Seasons Lawn Aeration checks in to explain what lawn aeration is and how it can help your lawn. They share how this simple and affordable solution can help you maintain a beautiful lawn. 

Pool Safety Tips To Keep Your Family Safe »

SATURDAY, JUNE 30, 2018 ON ABC 10 Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death among children under the age of four. Payan Pool Service shares safety tips that will help you avoid tragedy and let your family have a safe and fun summer. 

The Approved Home Pro Radio Show: Fraser Decks & Patio Covers and Thompson Building Materials »

SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2018 ON KOGO 600 This week, it’s all about Outdoor Living! Learn how you can transform your outdoor space with patio cover options. Fraser Decks & Patio Covers offers a variety of customizeable styles to upgrade your deck or patio. Then, Thompson Building Materials offers unique ideas to give your outdoor space the look you’ve dreamed of. Their extensive building material selection ensures you can find what you need to redesign your outdoor space. Plus, there’s a wide range of tables, chairs and accessories, too!

Easily Take Control Of Your Home’s Lighting With IntelliBulbs »

One of the easiest ways to change the mood in your home is to change the lighting. Oceanside Ace Hardware checks in to share how you can change the lighting in your home on a whim with Feit LED lighting. You can find an extensive selection of IntelliBulbs at your local Ace Hardware. Learn more: 

Why You Should Choose High Quality Windows And Doors »

SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2018 ON ABC 10 They may look similar, but not all window brands carry the same high quality. Best Value Glass checks in to share why they recommend Milgard Windows and Doors. They have been a Migard certified dealer for 15 years and choose to partner with them because they have amazing quality and the best warranty in the business.

Top Reasons Why You Haven’t Gone Solar Yet »

SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 2018 ON ABC 10 If you haven’t gone solar yet, what are you waiting for? Solar expert Brian Milholland from SunPower by Milholland checks in to explain the realities of solar in 2018. The power company’s constant rate increases make installing solar your best option.