High-Efficiency Heating with Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar »

<<< MONDAY, JANUARY 5, 2015 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >> Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar helps us stay warm during this San Diego cold front with high-efficiency heating. Stay warm while saving energy and money.

Mastercraft’s Showroom Offers Design-Friendly Home Entertainment »

<<< SATURDAY, JANUARY 3, 2015 on KOGO AM 600 >>> While you might want a TV in every room, you might not always want to see the TV when it's not on. Mastercraft Home Entertainment's new North County showroom helps with exactly that - design-friendly options for integrating home entertainment into a room.

Save Money with Variable Speed Pool Pumps and Payan Pool Service »

<<< SATURDAY, JANUARY 3, 2014 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Don't waste money on a standard pool pump. Javier Payan of Payan Pool Service explains the benefits of variable speed pool pumps.

Design, Build Landscaping and Turf Rebates with Landscape Logic »

<<< SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2014 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Landscape Logic shares the benefits of choosing a design, build landscaping company and helps you through the rebate process.

Easy Projects to Update Your Home From Frazee Paint »

<<< SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, 2014 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Color experts from Frazee Paint share fun, easy projects to update your home that can make a big impact with a little bit of work

Dual Fuel Heating with Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar »

<<< SATURDAY, DECEMBER 20, 2014 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Heating, air and solar experts Mauzy Heating, Air & Solar share the most energy efficient way to heat your home. Dual fuel heating paired with a solar system can heat your home and give your freedom from the power company.

Black Mountain Plumbing Helps Us Avoid Plumbing Issues During The Holidays »

<<< MONDAY, DECEMBER 22, 2014 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> With a house full of guests this holiday season, your kitchen sink could be facing a lot of use - potentially leading to plumbing issues. Approved Home Pro Black Mountain Plumbing tells us how to avoid those costly emergency visits from a plumber

CertaPro Painters Explains Why Winter is a Good Time To Paint »

<<< SATURDAY, DEEMBER 13, 2014 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Take advantage of the painting industry's low season! CertaPro Painters explains why winter is a good time to paint: great deals and early prevention of termite damage or wood rot.

Refinancing a Mortgage with Freedom Mortgage »

<<< SATURDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2014 on KOGO AM 600 >>> Mortgage and loan experts Freedom Mortgage came on The Home Pro Show to talk about why now might be the time to refinance your mortgage. Refinancing a mortgage can lower your payments, reduce the life of your loan, or put you into a better loan situation.

Retrofit Windows From Best Value Glass Keep The Cold Out »

Retrofit windows could be the key to keeping your house insulated this winter, and beyond. Best Value Glass joined The Home Pro Show to explain how retrofit windows can complete your home energy efficiency plan.

Landscape Logic Brings Color To Your Yard With Plants »

<<< Monday, DECEMBER 8, 2014 on SAN DIEGO LIVING >>> Tony Vitale from Landscape Logic shows The Home Pro Show how a homeowner can bring color to their yard with plants. Great way to save money and water...