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Celebrating 107 Years Of Berger Hardware

Berger Hardware is excited to celebrate their 107th anniversary with a special event. They are hosting a free event on March 2 from 4-7 PM and are honoring women business owners. Find event details here!

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Jordan: I’m here with Eric and Cheryl from Berger Hardware, who are here to celebrate 107 years of Berger Hardware in North Park. So first of all, congratulations.

Eric and Cheryl: Thank you.

Jordan: 107 years is such a great milestone. How did Berger Hardware get started?

Cheryl: Actually the really amazing part is that Berger Hardware was started by a woman, my husband’s great grandmother.

Jordan: So we’re talking about 1912. That’s when Berger was started. How did she come to own a business in that time?

Eric: Well, through no fault of her own she left Madison, Wisconsin, a divorced woman, moved to San Diego met Mr. Berger. Somehow they came up with the idea to start Berger Hardware. It was her money and she ran the day-to-day operation.

Jordan: So while he might be the namesake, it was really a woman-owned and woman-run business?

Cheryl: Yes, and he was not even around for, I don’t think even the first six months.

Jordan: Wow! And then she kept it going through the family?

Cheryl: She kept it going. Her kids at the time weren’t even teenagers yet. Her son took over and then his sons took over and then the oldest brother’s sons took over and that was my husband and my brother-in-law, and now it’s Eric and I.

Jordan: The new generation of Berger Hardware. Let’s talk about what Berger does for the community.

Cheryl: Well we really want to celebrate this event and celebrate being the oldest business in North Park, and celebrate that it was started by a woman. So we’re going to have a 107th anniversary party.

Jordan: Awesome.

Cheryl: We want all of the community there. I think it’s going to be a great networking event. It’s going to be a great way to just celebrate. And so we’re going to have food and adult beverages and various vendors and we’re also supporting a charity that I work with called New Paths Paved. We work to find solutions for homelessness, so we want the community to come in and join the party.

Jordan: Which sounds like a fantastic event so let’s throw some details out there. We’ve got March 2nd from 4-7pm. It’s open to all. But let’s focus in real quickly, you said you were going to have 107 women in business.

Cheryl: Yes.

Jordan: What does that mean?

Cheryl: We want to see 107 women business owners represented at our event because we need to, I want to honor the determination, the courage, the perseverance of great-grandma. And we all find challenges in business but can you imagine what she had to overcome?

Jordan: I mean it’s a whole different time. So Eric, if these women in business are out there how do they get in touch, how do they get involved?

Eric: You give us a call, you can email us, [email protected], [email protected] We’ll have it on our Facebook, Instagram, all those things.

Jordan: Thank you so much. And of course the event is open to the public so come join, celebrate 107 years, celebrate women in business, but also check out what Berger has to offer. It’s been around 107 years, a staple in the San Diego community.

Cheryl: Yes.

Jordan: So proud. Thank you so much for joining me today guys.

Cheryl: Thank you.

Jordan: RSVP for the event today and you can find more information, everything you need to know, as well as a link to RSVP, right on ApprovedHomePros.com/ShowExtras.