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Choosing the Right Fan

Choosing the Right Fan

Blow away high energy costs with cool air flow

When San Diego feels effects of higher heat, most folks kick on their air conditioners … and higher utility bills. Often, “keeping your cool” while saving on energy costs can be as easy as choosing the right fan.

Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan is the most common “permanent” installation, although it doesn’t have to be forever. Since they come in a variety of styles and colors to suit your home’s décor, you can change ceiling fans as often as you like.

Whole-House Fan

Another type of installed unit is a whole-house fan, which is permanently mounted between the ceiling and the attic to pull outside air through the house and exhaust it into the attic.

Portable Fans

Portable fans include box fans and stand fans, among others. Box fans are usually rather large and can be placed on the floor or in a window to help move air through the space quickly. Stand fans are smaller and lighter and can be placed on a table, desk or shelf.

Choosing the Right Fan

When selecting fans, it’s important to understand your expectations and cooling needs. While there’s no need to install a whole-house fan to cool one room, expecting a small oscillating stand fan to cool down a four-room apartment is unrealistic.

Fans are rated by the amount of cubic feet per minute of air they can move and by energy efficiency. By knowing the cubic footage of the rooms you want to cool, your local Ace retailer can help you in the selection process.

Finally, be sure that any fan you purchase is tested and approved by an authorized independent source such as Underwriters Laboratories to ensure it is rated as safe.

If you read through this and decide you still need some help, don’t despair – ask the helpful folks at your neighborhood Ace store.


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