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ColorSnap Phone App Makes Choosing Paint Colors Easy

The ColorSnap Visualizer for mobile phones from Sherwin-Williams makes choosing paint colors a snap with two great features that help you both capture color inspiration on the go and see how colors will look in your own space.

Capture Inspiration

Whether you’re inspired by a flower, a friend’s paint color or a piece or art, ColorSnap makes it easy to translate your real-world inspirations into usable paint swatches, all on your smartphone. Upload or snap a photo of what inspires you, and ColorSnap will match the colors to the closest Sherwin-Williams paint color.

Choosing Paint Colors from real world inspiration

Preview Paint Colors

Committing to a paint color can be a daunting task. And while we always recommend testing out a small swatch before painting the whole room, ColorSnap helps take the guess work out of choosing paint colors by allowing you to digitally impose Sherwin-Williams paint colors into photos you upload. Select colors from the digital interactive color wall, or by scanning the in-store color chips.

Preview paint colors by uploading photos to make choosing paint colors easy

Download the app from your phone’s app store, or check out the desktop visualizer on Sherwin-Williams.com.



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