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Common Roofing Questions – Answered

Roofing can be a tough home improvement for homeowners simply because of it’s difficult location. We sat down with Extreme Roofing, one of our Approved Home Pros for roofing, to ask and answer the most common roofing questions.

Common Roofing Questions

How much longer will my roof last?

On average, a roof has a lifespan of about 20 years. To determine how much longer your roof will last, a roofer should inspect the situation and take into consideration the last date the roof was serviced.

What is the warranty?

By law, a roofer’s warranty for labor is 10 years. When reviewing bids, that is the shortest warranty you should see.

Can I reroof over my existing roof?

You can have up to two layers of roof. There is a common misconception that you can do three, but two is the maximum.

Does the color I choose affect the roof’s performance?

Yes, a lighter color roof will last longer and keep the attic space cooler than a dark roof.


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