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Deck and Balcony Waterproofing: Is it Worth it?

Deck and Balcony Waterproofing: Is it Worth it?
By Patricia Cornwell from Quality Cleaning Wimbledon

When it comes to decks and balconies, many homeowners skip waterproofing. But is this a good idea? Waterproofing helps to keep moisture away from your home’s exterior and offers protection from the elements, which is why its advantages and disadvantages should be considered. Before you decide what to do, let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of waterproofing.

Benefits of Waterproofing Your Balcony and Deck

You can improve and personalize the look of your deck and balcony by customizing the coating. This is a great way to change this part of your home’s exterior without splurging on costly home renovations.

Since decks and balconies are exposed to rain, sun, wind and other elements, they can get damaged. Waterproofing can make them resistant to one of the most destructive forces of nature – water. When water enters the space in between floorboards it can create pressure due to fluctuations in temperature, which cause it to contract and expand. This results in cracks, which weaken the structure.

If your deck or balcony gets damaged, this may pose a danger to your family. All damage should be repaired as soon as it appears. Waterproofing can help prevent this damage.

Waterproofing can also save you a bunch of pricey repairs. Rather than waiting for bad weather to damage your deck and balcony before their lifespans have been exhausted, make sure to waterproof them the moment you have them installed. No damage, no pain.

What’s more, the industry has advanced so much recently that the waterproofing materials available these days are very durable. Some of them are really able to create a barrier against water that is effective and seamless.

Disadvantages of Waterproofing

The biggest downside of waterproofing is price of the service and the materials themselves. And external waterproofing is usually more expensive than internal waterproofing. Labor costs are especially high because of the many various steps involved.

You also may need to waterproof your balcony and deck every couple of years to ensure maximum protection. Even more, clear sealers will have to be reapplied every half a year, whereas others can endure longer. 

Weight down all the pros and cons of waterproofing and decide for yourself.

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