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Design Your Lawn Care Program

Design Your Lawn Care Program

Spring is a great time to start your lawn care program. Ace Hardware offers a wide selection of products based on your needs. Visit SDAceHardware.com for more details.

Top Lawn Care Products From Ace

Ace Green Turf Weed & Feed

An all purpose product that will fertilize your lawn, because it’s high in nitrogen, while killing more than 250 types of weeds. It uses a slow-release technology helps extend the feeding time to up to eight weeks, which helps your lawn develop strong, deep roots that will help your lawn during the heat and drought of summer.

Ace Green Turf Lawn Fetrilizer

If you don’t have a heavy weed problem, the Green Turf Lawn Fertilizer is a great choice to help maintain your green lawn. It can be applied anytime the grass is actively growing, and can be applied up to three times per year.

Ace Green Turf Crab Grass Preventer

Crab grass is a problem for almost everyone in San Diego. It’s impossible to pull out, so Ace created a fertilizer that will help kill it. The Crab Grass Preventer helps prevent it from growing, and can kill existing crab grass.

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