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Detailed House Cleaning In San Diego

Finding a house cleaning service you know you can trust is often a difficult process. Your Conscious Cleaners explains how their attention to detail, eco-friendly products and holistic cleaning methods ensure you will be happy.

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Sean: Finding a house cleaning service that you know you can trust is often a difficult process. Rachael and Matt, from Your Conscious Cleaners, are here to explain how their attention to detail, eco-friendly products, and holistic cleaning methods ensure you’ll be happy. And I can ensure people of that, because you guys are now cleaning Heather and mine’s home, and we’re thrilled. We couldn’t be happier.

Matt: Thank you.

Rachael: Thank you.

Sean: It’s just been marvelous.

Matt: It’s our pleasure.

Sean: Now, there are three major principles that you run the company with. Let’s talk about the first one, attention to detail. What does that mean?

Rachael: So, our attention to detail is, when we go into the house, I want to emphasize on having the cleaning eye, make sure that we’re getting all the high spots, and we work from top to bottom. We want to get behind the toilets. We want to make sure we disinfect door knobs.

Matt: Tops of door frames.

Rachael: Yeah, tops of door frames.

Sean: It’s the little things that the homeowner may not see, that you see because of your experience. You’ve been doing this a long time.

Rachael: Yeah, over 15 years.

Sean: Over 15 years, so you’re going to see things I’m not going to see. But, except over time, I have noticed things that our old house cleaners didn’t do, and it frustrated me, which would never happen with you guys.

Matt: Awesome.

Sean: Let’s talk about the products that you use, because you use a different type of product.

Matt: So we use eco-friendly, plant-based products, that are our own product line, Your Conscious Cleaners product line. And they’re basically just clean products that still kill bacteria and germs, and they’re safe for your plants, your pets, your children especially. And, they can pretty much go on any surface. I mean, we have ones for particular parts of the household, but, it’s just a wonderful product.

Sean: The fact that they’re pet and kid-friendly is very, very important to me

Matt: Absolutely.

Sean: and a lot of other people out there. Lastly, let’s talk about the holistic approach you take, and the kind of energy approach you take.

Rachael: Yeah, so the holistic approach is a process in feng shui. We go into homes with the intention of a positive mindset, to uplift the space, and cleanse the energy of the home, if you ever notice there is negative energy or tension.

Sean: And the tension you can cut with a knife sometimes at home.

Rachael: Right.

Sean: It’s gone when you guys are cleaning. So you clean the home in every possible way, the physically and the energy. You guys can do great with that. 

Matt: Absolutely.

Sean: Now, if you’re looking to find a house cleaner that puts your family’s health and the environment first, find Your Conscious Cleaners on ApprovedHomePros.com. I personally recommend them.