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Discover Excel Air’s Surprising Road to HVAC

Founded by Alex and Alexia Kuhtarev after escaping the former Soviet Union, Excel Air is a true testament to the American dream. Together, their passion for helping others sets Excel above the competition.

Details on ‘Surprising Road to HVAC’

[Sean] They came to the US to start a new life and find a thriving career is the all time American Dream. I’m so excited to welcome Alexia and Alex from Excel Air who are living that American Dream and your story is so amazing. Alexia, tell us where you came from and how and when, that back story.

[Alexia] I came to the United States in 1989 from Soviet Union, Ukraine, part of the Ukraine. And the ultimate goal was to get freedom because we wasn’t even sure if the Soviet Union would fall, we came in 1989. So it was a journey. It was a difficult journey and living in Soviet Union I got advice from grandma. She lived through World War II so she was very wise and she said, wall have ears and night have eyes, so keep yourself in check. Make sure you don’t get in trouble.

[Sean] That’s chilling, the walls have ears and the night has eyes. Does that sum up the Soviet Union that you live in? You were there are the wall fell?

[Alex] Correct, yes.

[Sean] Tell us your story quickly.

[Alex] Well before the wall fall I was working for Geological University and then when the wall is fell, then the garment was low in the budget so I have to join the business world.

[Sean] So you became an entrepreneur.

[Alex] Correct.

[Sean] Then you moved here, you started Excel Air here together. What does Excel Air represent?

Is it part of it wanting to honor that freedom that you were given and the opportunity that you have here?

[Alex] Definitely, we wanted to do something that would exceed even our own expectations because we didn’t ever have the freedom. So we want to create something excellent, provide excellent service, quality, just helping customers on human level.

[Sean] And quickly, you have a thing. You never leave any customer behind.

[Alexia] No, we don’t leave the customers behind. We always going to get to the point.

[Sean] And you’ll take care of it even if takes you personally coming out to take care of that problem. That’s one of the reasons why you’ve become so successful over these years and why you’re a company that we highly recommend. I love their story and I want to be a part of their success. You probably do too because they treat everybody so well at Excel Air. Call them for any heating and cooling need. You can reach them at 760-410-5633 or find them at ApprovedHomePros.com in the HVAC section.