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Discover Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Want the look of hardware floors for the fraction of the price? Luxury vinyl is your kind of flooring then! Superior Floor & Cabinet Designs discusses the pros of going with luxury vinyl instead of hardwood. Learn more about this affordable flooring today.

Details on ‘Luxury Vinyl Flooring’

[Sean] Luxury vinyl flooring is really popularright now but is it right for your hometoday I’m here with Cheryl Robertsonfrom Superior Floors and Cabinet Designsto talk about it and figure out how wemake the right choice for our homethanks for being with me today

[Cheryl] Thank you for having me so luxury vinyl flooring is one of many choices obviously for floor options at our home how do we know what it’s right for us well the best thing to do is come in and see us let’s talk about it your lifestyle your family members do you have pets kids what if you have a lot of time at home to maintain a floor things like that so we can help you make the best choice for your home so one of those choices that’s available is this luxury vinyl product and it might be right for someone’s entire home

[Sean] how whatare the benefits of choosing this typeof product

[Cheryl] Well it’s waterproof so you can put it in the kitchen you can put it in the bathrooms you can put it pretty much throughout your home there are some caveats though we need to think about so if you have like curved stairs or curved landing upstairs this is not wood so we can’t mold it like we would mold so it won’t be able to bend and go to those curves exactly so we need to know control the expectations so we know what we can do and so we get a beautiful finished product so there so say you do have curved stairs and this is what you wan in your home well let’s put a really good textured carpet on the stairs which has its benefits it’s less slippery it’s quieter so you don’t hear the kids running up and down the stairs or the dogs are in and up and down the stairs as much and it and it’s safer so it’s a beautiful option but we need to talk to you and see what your needs are so we can help you we can educate you to help you make your own choice for all of the options available because this luxury vinyl product comes in all the different looks we’ve seen some there’s some wood examples here it comes looks like a tile in some situations we like a plank so if you are trying to mimic that this is a kind of an easier clean way to do it because it’s gonna be easy to clean and maintain and look great but be safe for pets and kids which is a big concern for a lot of people out there

[Sean] absolutely thanks Cheryl get a floor that stays beautiful no matter what your lifestyle is with flooring from superior floor and cabinet designs call them today at 760-284-1150 or visit their showroom in Encinitas  need to know for your home so with that subscribe button below and check out more videos