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Electric Rates Are On The Rise Again! Lock In Your Energy Independence Today!

Electric rates have increased by 400% in the last 5 years and on June 1, the electric company is changing its rates once again! SunPower by Milholland checks in with Lynda Martin to explain what that means for your electric bill. 


Details On Electric Rates Are On The Rise Again!

– On June 1 the electric company is changing it’s rates once again. Brian Milholland from SunPower by Milholland is here to explain what that means, what it actually really means for your monthly bill. Thanks for being here.

– Sure, thanks for having me.

– I think you’re about to be the bearer of bad news, right?

– Well, I think customers are getting used to that now. Every time you turn around rates are going up and so that’s what’s happening June 1. Rates are going up again.

– Do we know by how much? What’s going on here?

– Well, traditionally they go up two to three percent every time they raise them. They’re really getting complicated because they’re moving to a time of use rate so you not only pay by how much you use but when you use it.

– Okay, so it is definitely complicated. Over the last five years we’ve seen them just progressively go up and up.

– Right, so the lowest rate has gone up over 400% in five years.

– 400%?
– 400%.

– That’s a lot.
– Yeah. So they used to attack the high users and make them pay more. Well, now they’ve started
to flatten out the rates. By flattening, they’ve raised the lower tiers. So a person who used to have a bill in the $120 range, is now
paying about $400 a month.

– Okay, that is a huge change.

– Then what is the answer? What would you suggest that people do?

– Well, the best answer is to give us a call at Milholland Solar and Electric and have one of our consultants come out and customize a system for you. We’ll take a look at your roof space, we’ll recommend the best panels for you and we’ll try to get your bill down to the $10 a month minimum bill.

– And that does eventually happen. Now everybody has a system. I know around my neighborhood a lot of people are putting in solar. How soon before you see that change and then that change is for the rest of the time you have it.

– Right, so our systems will produce energy for 40 years. They’re warranted for 25 years and the minute we turn that system on you’ll see your bill go down to zero.

– Okay, so that’s terrific. How soon can you come out and start looking at it? The phones are gonna be ringing.

– Right, we have consultants that are available to come out and take a look at your needs this week.

– All right, very good. So complicated stuff is happening June 1 so you want to make a change. Thank you so much for the information.

– Sure thing.

– Lock in your energy independence today with solar from SunPower by Milholland. Call this number, 619-320-7373 for your free consultation and remember you can find SunPower by Millholland and other top pros at approvedhomepros.com.