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Find the Best Hardware for Form and Function to Fit your Home

Finding the best hardware for your home that is practical and stylish can be difficult. Luckily, Berger Hardware delivers both value and high quality in all of their hardware. They focus on incorporating little details that give your home that finishing touch.

Details on ‘Best Hardware for Form and Function’

[Sean] I am in a beautiful home in a very historic neighborhood in San Diego, with Cheryl from Berger Hardware, and today we’re talking about style and function when it comes to hardware. With this particular home, it’s got a contemporary look, which is my style, I just love it, and you helped really match the hardware to the look that they had.

[Cheryl] Absolutely, they came in looking for contemporary, modern hardware for this lovely home. They like polished chromes, so we looked at polish chrome options, and we came up with some modern, in-tech hardware, and it’s really beautiful in here.

[Sean] And that goes for the front door, with the polished chrome, correct?

[Cheryl] Yeah, the front door and all through the house, except for the closet doors. We did some very modern wood poles on their closet doors and from Manzoni, and they’re absolutely gorgeous.

[Sean] What I love about those is some people think that contemporary is a colder look, but the wood there really warms it up, and that home is, in no way, cold. I love the way you did that.

[Cheryl] Absolutely, and in the end, it was the clients who made the choice, but I gave them options, and they found exactly what was right for them and their home.

[Sean] Yeah, and it fits in perfectly with the overall design aesthetic. Let’s talk about the lifestyle elements. They have kids, and that kind of came into play when you were talking about door stops.

[Cheryl] Yes, so door stops are an important element of hardware. You want to stop the door, so you don’t get, you know, the door knob hitting the wall, and creating problems. And usually, when you sell hardware like this, we sell rigid, solid brass door stops. The problem with that is there’s no give to that, and they have young children running through the house, and they can be, you can catch your feet on them, hurt your toes, so we did a high quality Flex Stop. And, you know, the ones that, And those worked really well for them, and they’ve held up really well, and it’s a perfect solution.

[Sean] A little bit different than the one I love by the front door. Talk about that one quickly.

[Cheryl] Oh, by the front door because they have cabinetry by the front door, and there was no place to put a baseboard-mounted stop or a baseboard-mounted stop that you could put on the top of the door. We did a floor mounted stop, very modern and cool, and that was the best solution for this home.

[Sean] Thanks so much, Cheryl. If you’re looking to redo your cabinetry or hardware, head into Berger Hardware today. You can find them at ApprovedHomePros.com