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Floors Vs. Floor Coverings

When choosing flooring for your home, you are faced with many options. Superior Floor & Cabinet Designs shares the major differences between floors and floor coverings and how they can help you choose a floor that fits your needs.

Details On “Floors Vs. Floor Coverings”

Jordan: I’m here with Cheryl from Superior Floor and Cabinet Designs. Cheryl you also on Berger Hardware, which we’re going to talk about a little bit later in the show I’m excited to get to that.

Cheryl: Yes.

Jordan: But right now it’s all about flooring, versus floor covering. And how to know the difference, and which ones right for our viewers. So why don’t you kind of just explain what each one of those are for me?

Cheryl: Okay, when you think about flooring it’s more of an investment in your home, a permanent addition to not only your home but to your home’s value.

Jordan: Okay.

Cheryl: Floor covering is more like redecorating, It’s more of a temporary change. And it does at the comfort and enjoyment of your home but not necessarily increasing the value of your home.

Jordan: So what are some floor options that fall into each of those categories So kind of paint a picture?

Cheryl: So floor covering, would be porcelain tile, hardwood floors, like here on our set, things like that are permanent and increase the value of the home. Versus things that are more easily changed. Such as carpeting, vinyl, laminate floors, things like that. One thing that I think kind of bridges the gap and maybe, is both, would be, high quality wool carpet, because a good quality wool carpeting will last 25 years.

Jordan: And will add really will add value to your home.

Cheryl: Add value to your home.

Jordan: So that’s kind of the key differentiator we’re talking about the longer term so maybe flooring has a overall longer lifespan?

Cheryl: Yes.

Jordan: You don’t worry about quite as often. Does that sound accurate?

Cheryl: Or worried about changing correct, yes.

Jordan: So how do we choose, you know all of these products are available superior floor, there’s great applications for every single type of flooring and floor covering?

Cheryl: Yes.

Jordan: How do we help everyone decide what’s right for their situation?

Cheryl: Well, that’s that’s why you come to us. We talk to you, we talk to you about what what your goals are, what your short term goals are, what your long term goals are, and help you make the decision about what’s the best thing to do for your home.

Jordan: Right now?

Cheryl: Right now. And for five years from now. And 10 years for now.

Cheryl: These are big investments.

Jordan: Yes.

Cheryl: And so they need to be done with some thought.

Jordan: And of course it’s not just you, it’s Superior Floor, we’ve got the entire team is very knowledgeable.

Cheryl: Yes.

Jordan: What kind of questions do you ask to kind of help determine where people are going to end up with what product?

Cheryl: Well we ask them about their families. If there’s children, pets, how long they’ve been in their home, how long they intend to stay in their home, what they think their future is, we also you know, how old are you? I know that sounds like a crazy question, but you know, we’re thinking about something is going to be long term and when you’re my age and we want to be safe for the long term. It’s just something to think about and we try to help people understand the choices.

Jordan: So Superior Floor is there to help. Visit Superior Floor for all of your flooring or floor covering needs, you can find them quickly and easily at ApprovedHomePros.com