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Get Guidance To Choosing The Right Flooring For Your Home

With so many types of flooring available, its important to consider your lifestyle and home design when making a choice. Thankfully, guidance is readily available at Superior Floor & Cabinet Designs, where the consultation process will discuss everything from your daily schedules to long term plans.

Details on ‘Get Guidance to Choosing the Right Flooring For Your Home’

[Jordan] If it’s time to look at redoing your floors and you want to work with a local San Diego small business, you’ve got to check out Superior Floor and Cabinet Designs. So, today I’m actually at a home where Cheryl from Superior Floor and Cabinet Design, has recently finished a ton of different flooring in this project let’s talk about what happened here at this home.

[Cheryl] Well we did a lot of things. We did carpet in the library, carpet in the office, carpet in the master closet upstairs, carpet on the stairs, area rugs upstairs, and hardwood flooring upstairs.

[Jordan] So, really any type of flooring that you’re looking for Superior has it available, but what it comes down to is the choice of when to use what product in what space, so how does that process work? How did you work with the homeowner to make these choices?

[Cheryl] Well, Erica came in to see me and we sat down and talked about her home, talked about their lifestyle. They have two adorable poodles that are a little older so we wanted to choose a carpet that would work really well for them. We chose a solution-dyed pet protect product, which means it’s really, really durable, resistant to stains, lovely product. Works great for pets, very easy to clean and very durable.

[Jordan] Great.

[Cheryl] The only drawback is Erica likes really vibrant colors and with solution-dyed nylon it kind of limits the color palette, so we couldn’t do anything purple.

[Jordan] But you could educate her on the options that she had and she made that choice to kind of sacrifice the bold color that she may have wanted to get the other benefits that she was looking for.

[Cheryl] Absolutely.

[Jordan] So let’s talk about the other areas of the home. You know, I know you are an expert in where to put things and the stairs were really big.

[Cheryl] Yes. Yes, she originally wanted to put wood on her stairs and we talked about their lifestyle, she said she gets her earlier than her husband and I said well you know there’s a sound factor with wood on the stairs. It tends to be a little bit noisier, it’s a beautiful, large, lovely home that noise can travel so we decided to do the pepper tech carpeting on the stairs.

[Jordan] Because it’s also something you’re not only giving them flooring for today but we want to make sure it’s gonna last and be safe throughout the years.

[Cheryl] Yes, and be a great lifestyle choice for them.

[Jordan] So, no matter what flooring you are looking at you are not alone when it comes to making the choice and getting the right answers for your home. You ca always get what you need from Superior Floor and Cabinet Designs. So, no matter what type of floor you’re looking for from tile to carpet, anything in between, all the way to hardwood floors, visit Superior Floor and Cabinet Designs today and you can find more information at ApprovedHomePros.com.