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Get a Survival Kit

According to PrepareSanDiego.org and the American Red Cross, only 7% of San Diego households are prepared for a natural disaster. The Approved Home Pro Show and your local Ace Hardware want to help you be better prepared in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency by helping you build a survival kit. A key in being prepared is having the proper supplies you could need in the event of a major emergency or disaster. It is important to keep your supplies in an easy-to-access area.  You may also want to have an easy-to-carry kit that you can use at home or take with you if you need to evacuate. Some of the basics you need to have are:

  • Water—one gallon per person, per day.  A two week supply is a good idea. You can set aside an additional three day supply incase of evacuation.
  • Non-perishable food for two weeks.  Remember that easy-to-prepare items are key and don’t forget a manual can opener.
  • Flashlights for each family member.
  • Battery-powered or hand-crank radio.
  • Extra batteries.
  • First aid kit.
  • Two week supply of needed medications.
  • A multi-purpose tool.
  • Sanitation and personal hygiene items.
  • Copies of personal documents such as medication list and pertinent medical information, proof of address, deed/lease to home, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies and other important items.
  • Cell phone with chargers.
  • Family and emergency contact information.
  • Extra cash.
  • Emergency blankets.
  • Maps of the area.

You might also want to consider items such as entertainment items, games and activities for children.  If you have pets, don’t forget food, water and other items for them. To help make it easy for you to start putting your emergency preparedness kit together, your local Ace Hardware stores are offering special pricing on many of these items

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