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Great Homes: Modern Bird Rock Escape

The inaugural tour Inside The Great Homes of San Diego, presented by Willis Allen Real Estate, takes us  to Bird Rock as we walk through an amazing contemporary property that is as high-performance as the Italian sports car in the driveway.
The seamless way this home has blended indoor / outdoor living spaces makes the most of the coastal lifestyle.  Folding doors are used to create walls that fully open to the outdoor living spaces.  This effectively blurs the line between the interior and exterior living areas of the home. This same concept is used with the terrific rooftop and balcony spaces that enjoy our beautiful San Diego weather and stunning views.
The fire feature creates a wonderful focal point for entertaining.
Although this home is clearly very sleek and modern with the extensive use of concrete, the addition of wood finishes and details warms this elegant and contemporary space.  Note the clean and simple detailing of the trim and molding.  Also, the texture of the carpet softens the crisp lines of the wood and concrete.
The fireplace makes use of stone and wood, again in a way that provides a layering of texture and warmth making the home inviting – a place you want to spend some time.
Moving into the kitchen, the glass tile backsplash reflects the colors of water and sky in a very modern and clean pattern.  But again, you see a space that is still warm and inviting, even as it maintains the contemporary aesthetic. The plumbing fixtures and door hardware are striking and the cabinetry details are such a dynamic element that adds texture and interest to the space.
In the bathroom, take note of the use of elegant shapes of the vessel sinks and those same shapes continue into the tub. The details of the faucets and other plumbing fixtures are striking.
The spiral stair gives an unexpected element of texture and fun while saving precious square footage.

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