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Grow Your Own Container Salad

Grow Your Own Container Salad

Last week we learned about container gardening in general This week is all about tailoring your container garden to grow your own container salad. It’s easy and fun to grow your own salad.  

There are many different spring lettuce varieties that you can start from seed or transplant that grow very well together. Salad gardens are also a great way to use unique plant containers.  For example you can grow a movable feast by planting your spring greens in an old wagon. It looks great anywhere in the yard. And, it’s easy to move to shady spots as summer heats up, allowing you to extend your lettuce season.

If you like this idea, be sure to drill a few holes in the bottom of that wagon so excess water can escape. Otherwise, too much moisture could build up and could make your lettuce rot.

Whiskey or bushel barrels are another great container for salad gardens, as well as flower gardens. Galvanized tubs are also a good container for spring salad gardens as they come in various sizes. They are great for lettuces or vegetables.  Tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers are a few of the salad add-ons that will grow well in containers.

Mircogreens like cilantro to your salad are best grown in small containers and are perfect for a windowsill garden. They should be harvested at a tender stage by snipping the stems after only two to three weeks of growing. Microgreens will can really elevate the flavor in your container salad!

Ace Hardware recommends Miracle-Gro Potting Mixes to help your container salads grow. If you are planting seeds, use the Miracle Gro Seed Starting Mix.  Leafy greens grow best in rich, loamy soil that contains plenty of organic matter, in which case Black Gold Natural & Organic potting soils are recommended.