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Harvard Study Says Homeowners Not Doing Enough Basic Maintenance

A study out of Harvard University showed that home maintenance and basic upkeep are critical.Home Painting

  • The study, called The U.S. Housing Stock: Ready for Renewal shows, in part, that painting is a critical area for the exterior protection of your home.
  • The study shows that often, American home owners have not done the kind of basic maintenance needed to protect the investment in their home.
  • Painting is shown to be one of the most cost-effective and best returns on investment in this battle to protect the U.S. investment in our homes.


1) Exterior Painting Protects Your Home From Weather

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of a home creates a barrier against the weather. While San Diego weather is not nearly as severe as other areas of the county, our salt air can wreak havoc on homes. Moisture and salt can get into the walls through small cracks and can penetrate deep into the wood, walls and insulation causing rot, mold and other damage.

2) Paint Not Only Keeps Out, but Keeps In.

Paint is a barrier. Not only to protect from the outside, but to hold together what lies underneath. A fresh coat of paint helps create a bond that links the underlying surfaces and better quality paints, like Frazee, even hold plaster in place over time.

3) Paint Prep Is Key to Protecting Your Home

Prepping the surface of your home prior to painting is often just as important as the paint itself. Making small repairs to the exterior, such as scraping off peeling paint or caulking needed areas is a great maintenance move in itself. Often, a low pressure wash is a good pre-paint step to prepare the surface.

4) Protect You Interior From Moisture

Inside your home, in areas like the bathroom, there can be lots of moisture created by steam from your shower or sink. Even if your bathroom does have sufficient ventilation, here in San Diego, moisture is still a dangerous foe because it can lead to mold and other damage. A fresh coat of paint can be a great moisture barrier, protecting your walls and your family.

5) Getting Up Close and Personal

When you paint, you get up close and personal with your home. Often, you will find other key maintenance issues you may not have seen otherwise. Exterior painting can show you where you windows or roof may need attention. Interior painting and prep can sometimes show you things like cracks from foundation settling or even termite damage.

Painting is a low-cost for the tremendous return you get from the maintenance factor, not to mention the beautification that comes from a fresh coat of paint in a color you love. Depending on the quality of the prior paint job and paint prep, fresh paint should be applied at least every 10 years. Remember, proper paint prep increases the lifespan of a paint job.

Head to your local Frazee Paint to get all the paint and materials you need and also for expert advice or questions you may have. If you do have damage from improper past maintenance or perhaps from termites who ate unprotected boards, Frazee offers color matching services to help you match the repair to the existing paint.

If you don’t want to tackle the painting job yourself, we have two great San Diego painting companies we recommend to do the job for you. CertaPro Painting and WOW 1 Day Painting. Both are Approved Home Pros and are professional painters who do great work.

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