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Holiday Safety Guide: Play It Safe This Holiday Season

Holiday Safety Guide: Play It Safe This Holiday Season

As the holidays near, we scramble to buy last-minute gifts, decorate the house, and plan parties and get-togethers. In the rush, however, many of us abandon our sense of safety. Who among us hasn’t stood on their tip-toes on top of a rickety ladder to hang lights? Or strung strand after strand together until we’ve overloaded an outlet, which can start a fire? Play it safe this holiday season with our holiday safety guide.

Holiday Safety Guide

One holiday safety tip is not to overload an electrical outlet, especially if you have only a single outdoor outlet that you use to power a dozen strings of lights and a few spotlights. Attempt this, and the result will be more like the Fourth of July than Christmas, as sparks and smoke fill the night sky. To do things right:

  • Follow the instructions on the strands of lights. These will tell you how many can be connected together and plugged into a single outlet. This is typically only two or three, not 10 or 12.
  • Make sure outdoor lights are plugged into a gfci receptacle. That’s the one with the reset button in the center for safety. If you don’t have one outdoors, have the outlet replaced or purchase a “plug in” adapter. This cord system will protect against a short circuit.

One other thing: be careful with lit candles. Don’t put them near combustibles, such as that evergreen spray in the center of the dining room table. And remember to blow them out when the party’s over. Try setting the timer on the stove to go off just around the time when the party will be ending for a good reminder to extinguish the candles before going to bed.

Enjoy a safe holiday season!

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