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Home Storge Tips

Everyone’s been there…It’s the New Year and it’s time to put away the holiday décor or the new sweaters from Auntie.  Or you’ve made a New Year resolution to start a home project, but you can’t find your tools, or the right screws and anchors. Get organized with these home storage tips.

Totes and Bins

Two great ways to organize are using totes and canning jars. Your local Ace Hardware store currently has clear storage totes ranging in all sizes with Red Hot Buy pricing for the month of January. Plastic shoe boxes are great organizers for all types of items. Under-the-bed totes are great because they allow you to stow away your stuff without taking valuable shelf space.

Some of the newer tote options available at Ace Hardware have a designer style so that you don’t have to always hide your storage out of sight.  Baskets are also on trend for storage in 2017.


For small parts, nuts and bolts, sweater buttons or anything you need to get out of the junk drawer, using canning jars is a great way to get organized.  In the old days we used baby food jars, but now they’ve been replaced with canning jars that are available at Ace Hardware in various sizes and even colors.


Don’t forget to pick up some white duct tape and a wide Sharpie, to mark your totes once you have your stuff neatly tucked inside. Another option is to use chalkboard or white board tapes for more flexible labeling.  

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