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How To Apply Cool Wall

How To Apply Cool Wall

Cool Wall coatings can keep your walls up to 40% cooler than regular paint, and will help you keep the cool air you pay for inside your home. With proper application, Cool Wall can help protect your home and save on energy costs, so we consulted the experts at Cal State Construction EnergyPro Home Solutions to learn how to apply Cool Wall.

How to Apply Cool Wall

1) Inspection. Conduct an inspection to make sure the Cool Wall will have longevity and determine if any repair work needs to be done on the home before applying Cool Wall.

2) Trench down. At areas where the foundation of the home meets dirt, a 6-8 inch trench should be dug so the product can be applied below. This will ensure no water can wick up in the substrate of the home. Once it’s primed and coated, the dirt is refilled. Stucco is porous, so without this step, water may infiltrate.

3) Protect the surrounding areas. The areas not receiving treatment should be masked and covered to ensure the job is clean and professional.

4) Power-wash the surface. Hydrowash (also called hydroblast) the house and sanding down any rough areas. This high-pressure wash will clean all dirt, grime and loose stucco off of the surface so it will be ready for the Cool Wall application.

5) Patch. Fill holes and cracks with flex patch to seal the walls so that nothing gets in where it’s not supposed to go.

6) Primer and sealer. During the Cool Wall application, more primer is used than a painter would use paint. This emphasizes the care and durability of the Cool Wall’s lifetime application. Primer helps bond the Cool Wall to the home.

7) Finish coat. Spray on the Cool Wall finish coat.

8) Trim. Brush on the trim coat secondary color.

If you are ready to paint, consider Cool Wall. The lifetime warranty means you won’t have to reapply in a few years, and with more than 600 colors, you won’t have to compromise the perfect look. Cool Wall is also a HERO-approved energy-saving home upgrade, so financing is easier than ever.

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