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How To Choose The Right Door Hardware

One of the most fun parts of remodeling is picking out those finishing touches. Berger Hardware shares expert tips to make sure you select the right door knobs or handles for your home. 

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Sean: One of the most fun parts of remodeling is picking out those finishing touches. To make sure you get the right hardware for your home, Cheryl and Eric from Berger Hardware join us this morning. So, door hardware, more to it than I ever thought. Help fill us in a little bit on the world of door hardware.

Cheryl: Well, first there’s style. A lot of what we brought with us today is modern, and we’ve brought some traditional. You can choose things, crazy things like rustic modern or rustic or, there’s a lot of choices. But the most important thing when you come to see us and you’re going to replace, say, your front door hardware, there’s some measurements that if you bring with us, we’re going to get you taken care of the first time. We’re going to know exactly what you need. So, Eric’s going to show you, if you have a handle set like this. 

Eric: So you have two separate holes in your door, and what is that spacing? So you’ll measure from the center to the center. We’ll also need to know your door thickness and then what they call the backset. That’s the distance from the edge of the door to the center of the lock. If you have a front door handle set like this, you also want to know what the dimension is down to this bottom hole, and to measure that, you’ll measure from the center of here again down to the center of that hole, and not every handle set is made the same length, so you’ll want to know that. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a hole in your door like this, that you’ll have to try to patch.

Cheryl: Right. 

Sean: Yeah, and you don’t want that, absolutely. 

Cheryl: You’d rather not, rather not. 

Sean: In terms of knobs versus levers, is there a difference between those two that you should be conscious of, or how do you choose between those? 

Cheryl: Well, you know, there’s style. Levers tend to be more modern. Knobs tend to be more traditional, not completely because there’s some really modern, sleek knobs out there, but as far as ease of use, levers are easier. You know, you just have to push down, so you’re heading out the door with your arms full, you just use your elbow to get the door open, and push it closed with the other elbow, and you’re good to go, you know, trying to wrangle the kids out the door in the morning. And then the other thing to think about is livability. As we advance in our lives, the twisting motion for a knob is harder for us, especially if you’re developing arthritis or joint issues or things like that or strength. 

Sean: That’s the purpose of, that’s kind of universal design, aging and place. It’s very important to take that into consideration. Thank you so much. I love Berger Hardware. You are such a step above, and ten steps above the big box stores, the service, the commitment that you have to customer service, love it.