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How to Make an Inspiration Board

Inspiration boards are one of a designer’s best tools for taking your vision and bringing it to life, but you don’t need a designer to take advantage of the benefits an inspiration board can offer, so our resident design pro Robin Wilson Carrier from Robin Wilson Interior Design offers these tips for how to make an inspiration board at home to make your next design project a success.

How to Make an Inspiration Board

Determine Your Project

Determine the scope of your design project. Are you designing a room from scratch? Or making modifications to your existing design? If you are updating within certain existing design parameters, begin your inspiration board with images of these existing pieces.


Collect Images

Inspiration is all around! Collect images, color swatches, fabrics, accent pieces and any other elements that inspire you. When you have a pile started, look at everything together to find themes and patterns to draw out your design.

Eliminate the Excess

When looking at your board, take the time to eliminate elements that don’t pass muster. Through elimination, you can narrow down your perfect design.

Digital or Physical Inspiration Boards

There are many great  online tools that can help you build your inspiration board, like Pinterest or Houzz, but there’s nothing quite like being able to view your inspiration board in the area that’s being designed. Look at your images and swatches in the natural and artificial light of the space.


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