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How To Repair A Torn Window Screen

How To Repair A Torn Window Screen

For a small hole or tear in a window screen, you can use a self-adhesive patch available from your neighborhood Ace Hardware store.  But, for a larger tear, you’ll need to re-screen the frame.

How to Repair A Torn Window Screen

Use a screwdriver to get underneath the old screen spline and pull it out from the channel inside the frame. Bring the old spline, a sample of your screen and your screen frame size to the Ace Hardware so the staff can help you pick out the correct materials to create your new screen.

Once you have the materials, roll out the screen and let it overhang on all sides of your frame.  Use a sharp utility knife to cut the roll. Using a spline tool, install the new spline into the channel of the frame.  Start at one corner and slowly roll across the spline pushing it and the screen into the frame channel.

After you’ve gone around the entire frame pushing the spline and screen into the channel, run your sharp utility knife along the outside of the spline to cut away excess screen material.

You now have a new screen ready to go back into your window frame.

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