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How To Tackle Lawn Problems: Weeds, Bugs & More

Just like a car, regular maintenance is the first step in avoiding serious lawn problems. This involves fertilizing, generally four or five times per year with annual programs from your local Ace Hardware. However, if blights do strike your lawn here is how to tackle lawn problems like weeds, bugs and more.


First is weeds.  The best time to destroy weeds is when they are young and before they begin to flower. Herbicides can be effective, but take care when using them to avoid damaging plants you want to keep. Round Up Ready to Use spray for the lawn will kill 253 different kinds of weeds, but not the lawn.


Next is bugs. Grass is a tasty treat to many animals, but it’s the smaller ones that can cause the most damage to your lawn. Such pests either chew down the grass blades or feed on the roots, which causes thinning or brown sections of turf that sometimes can’t be revived. Ortho Bug B Gone for Lawn & Gardens or the Ortho Home Defense for Lawn and Landscape are two favorites for fighting bugs in your lawn. They are easily applied using your garden hose, will provide up to 3 months of protection and are safe around kids and pets.

Too Much Shade

Sunlight is a key to lawn growth.  Some grass varieties enjoy the darkness shade provides, but no grass can survive in complete shade. You should prune and trim tree branches to allow more sunlight through. Also, shady areas will need more water and fertilizer because the grasses compete with tree roots for nutrients.

Bare Spots

Scotts EZ Seed Patch & Repair is a combination of mulch, seed and soil amendment that will repair spots in sun or shade and there is even a version to repair damage from dog visits.